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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is UptownSocial?

UptownSocial is a top of the range unique fast growing Dating app that matches singles looking for a long term relationship that could possibly lead to marriage or just friends.

All features on UptownSocial are 100% for free that includes free no-limit like swipes, free no-limit super-like swipes, free no-limit dislikes, free no-limit search rewind.

Free no-limit age search, free choice of partner search religion, free search choice of partner search sexuality.
Free from adverts, free chat messages and the list goes on.

If single and looking for the perfect partner UptownSocial is the real deal and guarantees a quicker MATCH.

Install, sign-up and meet your dream partner.

Which are the payment methods?

Payment method is achieved through online Payment Provider using debit or credit bank card.

How Our Matchmaking Works ?

Matchmaking works by swiping like for a partner through search swipes. If same both UptownSocial user members like each other, it's a match and will be able to communicate through chat window.

How can i delete my profile?

Profile is deleted by going to in-app settings and clicking delete account.