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UptownSocial is a Dating & Marriage website/App that has gone viral through its unique way of offering all its 23 Special features that boost a Quick match 100% no-limit for free. UptownSocial is currently the only Dating app that offers all its special features that boost Quick match 100% no-limit for free without any adverts on partner search screen which normally turn out to be a bug and nonsense when searching for a partner. Kindly scroll below this UptownSocial Web HOME page and install UptownSocial app and sign-up on either iOS Appstore or Google Playstore using mobile phone or laptop devices. Sign-up only takes less than a minute. Thousands and thousands of new user members join UptownSocial daily. Join now for you happen to be a click away from meeting your perfect partner. UptownSocial has millions of serious singles looking for a Dating partner with potential of the relationship ending up to marriage proposal. Below are all UptownSocial 23 Special features that come with the app, that registered user members can enjoy 100% no-limit for free that all other Dating apps charge fee:
1) FREE user sign-up (membership).
2) FREE no-limit partner search like choice.
3) FREE no-limit partner search superlike choice.
4) FREE no-limit partner search dislikes choice.
5) FREE no-limit partner search rewinds choice.
6) FREE no-limit filter OF personal AGE from appearing to other users on search window.
7) FREE no-limit filter of personal DISTANCE from appearing to other users on search window.
8) FREE no-limit search choice of partner sexuality and gender.
9) FREE no-limit search choice of partner RELIGION.
10) FREE several personal PICTURES upload.
11) FREE personal BIO-VIDEO upload.
12) FREE no-limit LIKE NOTIFY.
14) FREE no-limit MATCH NOTIFY.
15) FREE no-limit CHAT NOTIFY.
16) FREE no-limit LIKE SPOTLIGHT to appear first for 1hour to other users if 7 days pass without a new LIKE.
17) FREE no-limit MATCH SPOTLIGHT for profile to appear first for 1hour if 21 days pass without a new MATCH.
18) FREE no-limit to send chat messages to other users before possible like from both sides.
19) FREE no-limit choice of user in-app LANGUAGE Text.
21) FREE no-limit selection of partner search AGE range choice.
22) FREE choice of personal INTERESTS upload.

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